[development] Bugfix hour

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Aug 23 22:48:27 UTC 2006


Beginning with September 4, Monday I will spend one hour with bugfixing  
between 10pm-11pm CET every workday until release minus DrupalCon days.  
That's 1pm-2pm for SF-Vancouver folks and 4pm-5pm for Montreal-Boston-New  

You are more than welcome to join on #drupal and help in this marathon.  
Even if you never patched Drupal core before, you are welcome. You could  
learn it or review issue or even write documentation as several new hooks  
and APIs are either not or not adequately documented.

If we make the effort, there surely will be a great beta by DrupalCon and  
an awesome release mid-October.

So, are you in?



Ps. I am announcing early so that you can schedule well before. If you  
work at a Drupal shop, you surely can convince your boss to donate one  
hour into core bugfixing. It's a wise investment...

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