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The download doesn't seem to work, perhaps because the date is not yet
28.9.06 :-)

I see the one at 81217.

Does this have any relation to the discussion about a different theme for
admin functions?

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I just want to alert everyone to the new theme work that's been placed in
the issue queue:


As some of you probably know, I've been working on a new theme for Drupal
that aims to become the default core theme for the next version of Drupal.
There's still a fair amount of bug fixing, tweaking, and general fussing
that needs to happen, but I wanted to show off the work that has been done
so far, get some feedback from the community, and generally get these new
themes on everyone's radar.

	We've set up a test site here: http://drupaltheme.lullabot.com

You can click on the the links on the first node on the home page to see the
different themes "in action".

Some background:

There is currently 1 theme with 4 sub-themes. The main theme is called "Zen"
and aims to provide basic, standards-compliant, XHTML that can be easily
manipulated with CSS (think: "CSS Zen Garden").  
And then all of the sub-themes are simply the same HTML page structure with
different CSS. The themes use a variation on the Holy Grail layout to create
a table-free, 3-column, 2-column, or single column layout depending on
whether blocks are enabled in the left or right columns. The themes also
move the taxonomy and link lists into semantically-correct "ul" lists. The
current icons used in the theme are not GPL, but Nathan Haug is currently
creating icons that we will be able to use.

The subthemes:
- Zen Fixed :: a fixed-width version of the basic Zen theme.
- Zen Beach :: a Drupal styled theme designed by Nathan Haug. Still a bit
buggy, but very promising!
- Zen Drops Big :: a simple-but-pretty fixed width theme with a picture of
big water drops
- Zen Drops Small :: a simple-but-pretty fixed width theme with a picture of
small water drops

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