[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Gunnar Langemark gunnar at langemark.com
Tue Aug 29 17:49:04 UTC 2006

Please don't shut up Trae
We need real design in drupal themes.


Trae McCombs wrote:
> The biggest problem here is, a bunch of coders who all of a sudden
> have a supposed "design sense".  As long as coders are the ones who
> approve themes into core, and other coders all chime in with what they
> think is good, then the end result will continuously be less than
> stellar.
> Coders code.
> Designers Design.
> And it's a very rare thing when the two meet.
> Of course, I'm just a designer, so...  "What do I know?"[tm]
> I'll shut up now.

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