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Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 20:19:48 UTC 2006

You aren't wrong Angela... But as I said, I'd love to spend time on it,
sadly, time is money.  Is there someone willing to fund development on

If I was single or even if I didn't have any kids, I'd work on this for
hours on end for free.  But we gotta feed the children :)


On 8/29/06, Angela Byron <drupal-devel at webchick.net> wrote:
> On 29-Aug-06, at 1:17 PM, Trae McCombs wrote:
> > The biggest problem here is, a bunch of coders who all of a sudden
> > have a supposed "design sense".  As long as coders are the ones who
> > approve themes into core, and other coders all chime in with what they
> > think is good, then the end result will continuously be less than
> > stellar.
> >
> > Coders code.
> >
> > Designers Design.
> >
> > And it's a very rare thing when the two meet.
> >
> > Of course, I'm just a designer, so...  "What do I know?"[tm]
> >
> > I'll shut up now.
> As a designer, I think you know quite a bit on the subject. ;)
> However, comments like "less than stellar" and "aren't particularly
> good visually" and "aren't very sexy" and stuff don't really help.
> They allude vaguely to a problem but offer no recourse for how to
> address it, or even how to identify where to start addressing it.
> On the other hand, what would help A LOT is if someone with a "design
> eye" would point out specific places in the themes where there are
> problems and, where possible, suggest alternatives (people have been
> doing this with the Zen Beach colour scheme, which is great).
> Alternatively, even if you as a designer don't have time to do a
> theme yourself, you can help by pointing out a look and feel of
> another website or something that would qualify as "sexy," or
> specific elements we can try and incorporate into the design to use
> as inspiration.
> I think we all can universally agree that bluemarine is out-dated and
> needs to be changed. What we as coders need are constructive and
> moreover *actionable* criticism/comments so we can make this happen.
> -Angie

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