[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Tue Aug 29 20:52:47 UTC 2006

Op 29-aug-2006, om 22:19 heeft Trae McCombs het volgende geschreven:

> You aren't wrong Angela... But as I said, I'd love to spend time on  
> it, sadly, time is money.  Is there someone willing to fund  
> development on this?
> If I was single or even if I didn't have any kids, I'd work on this  
> for hours on end for free.  But we gotta feed the children :)
> Trae

As I feel myself more or less responsible for having at leat one  
beautified theme in core, I'm willing to put some effort on this and  
would like to design a *complete* design for drupal core.
Most of you people probably know that I'm a photographer for my  
dayjob, which makes me comfortable with colours, design and eye-candy..
It's all about details.
But, something that keeps me bussy these days, while overthinking a  
good theme is when does people think a theme is good? Personally, I  
think my themes are good, very good even. (They are this good, that  
every theme I did design and wanted to contribute to drupal is sold  
before it was even finished.)
But some people think they are overdone.. And I respect that, but I'm  
not going to put a lot of effort into a theme when it's not likely to  
hit the trunk..

So, *if* people want to have me design a new drupal core theme, I  
want to know what they expect and what they are willing to see..

I hope people want to share their opinions and tell me what they  
expect from a new core theme.
It makes the design process for me, or any other that is willing to  
get the job done, much easier..

Yours sincerely,


PS: there is no way, I'm going to make it before the code freeze. So  
*or* Dries has todo some consensus, or maybe someone else should get  
the job done.

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