[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Dave Nugent dave at initsoft.com
Tue Aug 29 23:47:15 UTC 2006

I'd also like to sponsor development of a great default theme for
Drupal.  Andre's idea of an RFP system followed by a community vote
sounds reasonable to me.  Ballpark, how much might this cost?  Is this
something that should be on drupal.org?


On 8/29/06, Jeff Robbins <lists at jjeff.com> wrote:
> I feel like I should chime in here and set the record straight on a
> few points that have been made in this thread.
> [...]
> A good standards-based CSS-compliant
> starting theme is something that we've needed every single time. It's
> something that we will use over and over, so I have no problem
> spending money, time, and resources on it.

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