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Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 00:05:02 UTC 2006

You can't design by committee.  This is what the themes that were presented
on the list feel like have been done.

Someone, one person, has to be selected, build a theme they like, and then
let that be that.  When you start taking into consideration this persons
idea of what is good or bad, or that persons idea, then you run into the old
story of a Donkey with a horses head, elephant ears, zebra stripes and so

Ultimately, it's going to come down to Dries (or Neil I reckon) picking the
theme.  And they'll have to do so with support of the community.  This is
always going to achieve a sub-par theme.  Sure, some will be happy with it,
but in the end it won't be top-notch and professional.

I'm not even saying I'd have to do it, ;)  Steven Wittens has an excellent
eye for design, he is the rare case of "code and beauty" coming together.

Whoever did the meta theme, while the css code and layout for things is a
nightmare IMHO, it's a somewhat of a half-way decent looking theme; albeit
buggy and doesn't work with IE6 well.

The biggest thing, as I said in the beginning about all this is, the code is
probably really tight on these things if Ted and Lullabot put them out, that
is a major plus.

If these things are included in core, will I stop using Drupal?  No, heh,
Will others stop using it? Nope.  So it's not that big of a deal really.

I'd love to see something super top-notch and professional make it in, but
if it can't, then let's settle for good quality standards for the theme
base, and go from there.

If we can't fund work on either cleaning these up, or having someone design
a theme, then this seems to be the next best thing.

Again, Kudos to Lullabot for putting their work out there in front of the
community, it's a hard thing to do, and EVERYONE has opinions and will try
and rip your stuff apart.  My opinion still is that it shouldn't go into
core with the way it looks now, but that's just an  opinion. :)


On 8/29/06, Dave Nugent <dave at initsoft.com> wrote:
> I'd also like to sponsor development of a great default theme for
> Drupal.  Andre's idea of an RFP system followed by a community vote
> sounds reasonable to me.  Ballpark, how much might this cost?  Is this
> something that should be on drupal.org?
> Dave
> On 8/29/06, Jeff Robbins <lists at jjeff.com> wrote:
> > I feel like I should chime in here and set the record straight on a
> > few points that have been made in this thread.
> > [...]
> > A good standards-based CSS-compliant
> > starting theme is something that we've needed every single time. It's
> > something that we will use over and over, so I have no problem
> > spending money, time, and resources on it.

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