[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Kristjan Jansen kristjan.jansen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 11:46:54 UTC 2006

As an author of much-hated Bluemarine (and never-mentioned Chameleon)
I feel like I should drop in too.

Why is Bluemarine is so bad? I do not have clear answer to that, it
just represents a state of web layouts back on those days (Oct 23 2002
to be excact, it's almost 4 years now
), also the state of Drupal back then (basically any new design was
better than previous themes we had) and of course, the state of my
design skills at that time.

Bluemarine was meant to be a niche theme, it was rough copycat of a
information architecture portal http://www.boxesandarrows.com
(surprisinlgy their layout have stayed the same all these years too
;). Bluemarine look was based on this

Somehow my theme got popular in Drupal and since there was not much of
a competition (ealier themes were even more...um...yknow), it was
picked as a stock Drupal theme (by Dries, right?). I can not recall
the excact history, there were the xtemplate days of bluemarine and
all the other sidesteps by many contributors, but the general look of
Bluemarine stayed. Dries and Steven perhaps can recall it better I
would presume.

Bear in mind, Bluemarine was never ever designed as a Drupal default
please-all theme. It just represented my aestetic likings back on
those time and the niche sites I visited. As the name suggests, Boxes
And Arrows website is about conceptual models, wireframes, schematic
drawings and for that reason, totally plain, no-glitter theme is
really suitable and playing along with the site's main topic.

BUT the requirements of Drupal sites (and also for Drupal.org what
also had Bluemarine as a default theme for many years) have different
requirements and different tunes. Steven addressed the drupal.org part
with his makeover, now it is time to have completely new themeset for
Drupal distribution too that represents the state of web in 2006 and
why not couple of years beyond.

Let's make a nice gravestone for Bluemarine. It should locate
somewhere in a windy dusky coast, dark blue sea and roaring waves.

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