[development] changes to hook_nodeapi

Andrew Lee drew at intramedia.net
Thu Aug 31 15:29:16 UTC 2006

I agree completely. This patch is a bad idea. The idea of removing
functionality to force programmers to use a certain convention is not a good
one. Forcing developers to use hook_form_alter to perform these operations
is taking away functionality. If we look at Drupal as more than an API, more
than a content management system, as an application builder; this patch
makes no sense. I have several web applications that perform operations
based on a node just being accessed. I would need to jump through hoops to
make this work with this patch, having to fake a form submit just to call
the required code. IMHO, this moves Drupal in the entirely wrong direction.
This could seriously end my love affair with Drupal. Please reconsider!

I want to reiterate what jvandyk <http://drupal.org/user/2375> said about
the patch,  "No. This is a bad idea. The hooks being removed are at the data
level, and are being replaced at the form submission level. What this means
is that if you want to work with nodes programmatically you'll have to fake
a form submission, which is a big pain. Remember, through the web browser is
only one way to create content. Content could also be created by XML-RPC
calls, by wrapping a legacy database, by periodic file import, etc.

When you call node_save, data-related things like nodeapi insert happen.
These are not form-related. They're data-related.

This patch makes Drupal less flexible. I also think it's premature to be
thinking about this. After fapi 2.0 hits, we should think about it."

Andrew Lee
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