[development] Re: possible theme?

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:04:54 UTC 2006

Oops. Forgot to edit the subject line.  Mea culpa.

>> default body text should be _black_ #000000


>Main text color should stay as it is, otherwise it'll lose the affect.


I'm going to really press on this one.  What effect?

Readability trumps other interface concerns.  That's why Google, Yahoo!,
Amazon, (and Drupal.org <http://drupal.org/>, and
all use black-on-white.

Even Web 2.0 poster-children like Flickr use black-on-white for primary

The purpose of body text is to be easy and simple to read.  For most people,
pure black on pure white is the best contrast, the most common, and the

I've had this fight internally at my company as well, as our designers went
through a strong "Let's do everything in 6 shades of gray" phase.

Any design that deviates from black-on-white can never get a 5 from me.

- Ken Rickard

And for the record, my personal page:

Where 'gray' means 'of lesser importance' than the content you want to read.
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