[development] Drupal Administration survey II: second draft

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Aug 31 17:46:32 UTC 2006

On Aug 31, 2006, at 9:37 AM, Andre Molnar wrote:

> Kieran Lal wrote:
>> How would you describe yourself as a Drupal administrator?
>> (pick the best one)
> It would be nice if each self identified administrative group  
> filled out
> its own survey (same questions - just seperate surveys) - so that  
> at the
> end apples could be compared with apples.

SurveyMonkey allows this level of filtering.  We are adding 4  
additional questions to the survey to learn more about administrators.

> It may be helpful to define some of these:
> e.g. Personal Blog (example.com) - you are the primary author and
> administrator of all content on your site - users may register to post
> comments, but do not gain other privileges by signing up.
> Community Site (example.drupal.org) - you are one of many authors and
> administrators - etc. etc. etc.

Ok, but we are adding a lot of questions about the users and I want  
to keep it short and focuses to increase the participation rates on  
the whole survey and each question high.

> The list of 'most common' and 'least common' should be the same list.
> This question is leading and makes assumptions.  Items in the least
> common list may turn out to be common or items in the common list may
> turn out to be uncommon.

While that makes logical sense that least common and most common  
lists are mirrored lists, we got these responses from user  
interviews.  So I am sure there is someone with a dissertation in  
statistics or audience research under there belt who can weigh in on  
whether it's better to use actual responses versus logically  
consistent responses.

> When administering your site rate the ease with which you  
> accomplish the
> following:
> Consider a 4 or 6 level scale to help avoid wishy washy responses
> (challenge people to decide if they really think its easy or hard - no
> middle answer):
> 6)very easy, 5)easy, 4)somewhat easy, 3)somewhat difficult, 2) 
> difficult,
> 1)very difficult.

Ok.  I'll check with a couple people about the downside of neutral  

> Break apart questions the cover broad areas.
> e.g. > 1-5 Manage large groups or users, nodes, menu items,  
> comments, blocks
> Consider defining 'large'.
> manage large numbers of user roles (10+)
> manage large numbers of users (100+)
> manage large numbers of nodes (1000+)
> manage large menus (75+ items)
> manage large number of comments (average of 3+ per node)

I like the numbers, they help give perspective.

> I'm not sure what this question hopes to measure.

It gives the survey taker an opportunity to let us know what they  
consider important. For example, in the survey results last time we  
learned that internationalization, and mail management were important  
but didn't really get much consideration in the previous  
categories.   In the live interviews, I find that the most  
interesting information comes when you ask people what is important  
to them.  You can review the last question of the survey responses to  
see for yourself.  http://groups.drupal.org/usability

Thanks for you responses.


> andre

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