[development] Drupal Administration survey II: second draft

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 18:24:52 UTC 2006

Kieran Lal wrote:
>> The list of 'most common' and 'least common' should be the same list.
>> This question is leading and makes assumptions.  Items in the least
>> common list may turn out to be common or items in the common list may
>> turn out to be uncommon.
> While that makes logical sense that least common and most common lists
> are mirrored lists, we got these responses from user interviews.  So I
> am sure there is someone with a dissertation in statistics or audience
> research under there belt who can weigh in on whether it's better to use
> actual responses versus logically consistent responses.

This is a good opportunity to see if your interview results are
consistent with results from a broader audience.  The only way to do
that is to allow users to choose on their own what is common/uncommon -
not choose from a list of identified common/uncommon tasks.

I have a particular interest since as you know with our usability report
we had a very different list of common tasks performed by our
stakeholders.  So I am curious whether our stakeholder's common tasks
are specific to them or a broader range of users.

>> When administering your site rate the ease with which you accomplish the
>> following:
>> Consider a 4 or 6 level scale to help avoid wishy washy responses
>> (challenge people to decide if they really think its easy or hard - no
>> middle answer):
>> 6)very easy, 5)easy, 4)somewhat easy, 3)somewhat difficult, 2)difficult,
>> 1)very difficult.
> Ok.  I'll check with a couple people about the downside of neutral
> responses.

It all depends on what you are trying to measure.  I think we are
looking for items that either make the grade or don't and therefore need
improvement.  (Does a question that has a majority of people choosing
the middle ground mean that resources should be directed at the feature
or not?)
Regardless if you choose this scale or not - i forgot to include a
'don't know' - for people that have never used a feature.

> It gives the survey taker an opportunity to let us know what they
> consider important. For example, in the survey results last time we
> learned that internationalization, and mail management were important
> but didn't really get much consideration in the previous categories.  
> In the live interviews, I find that the most interesting information
> comes when you ask people what is important to them.  You can review the
> last question of the survey responses to see for yourself. 
> http://groups.drupal.org/usability

Gotcha.  Its for future research.
In that case i would expect to see some questions about i18n and mail
management in this survey.


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