[development] possible theme?

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 18:39:26 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm the person who has been working on the Deliciously
Zen theme.  To quickly respond to some of your
comments/questions :

1) Are there both fluid and fixed versions?
This is already done.  The demo site is running the
fixed theme but there is a fluid one. I just switched
the demo site to fluid.

2) Can it handle multiple columns, layout structures?
Yes, works fine thanks to JJeff's zen XHTML/CSS

3) User login block alignment is weird!
I agree.  Probably spacing the "Create new account"
text down a bit and aligning it with the mission
statement will help.

4) The text should be black on white! The font sizes
are weird!
The font color was pulled directly from the original
Deliciously Blue theme.  I'm hesitant to start
fiddling with colors. Font sizes still need tweaking,

4) Some of the warning/message icons are too big or
Looking for some alternatives if you can point me to
any direction.

5) Padding is weird/inconsistent!
The devil is in the details.  The "submitted by" text
needs some separation from node body. Trae you
mentioned some browser padding inconsistency which I
think is particularly important.

6) Search box could be moved down or somewhere else?
Original design has it in the upper right hand corner.
  I could also see it being flush with the header
line, though. Again hestitant to stray from the
original design.

7) Primary links alignment is odd!
Agreed.  It should probably be flush with the Site
Name text or with the left side. 

8) Threaded comments? Forums? Example content?
I added some threaded comments on the demo site. Feel
free to login and add new content. I have given
authenticated users privileges to add content:

9) What about other stuff? Secondary links? User
profile pictures, etc? Other bugs?
Yes, these things still need to be figured out.

Any concrete action items should be posted here:

-Farsheed (zirafa)

--- Ken Rickard <agentrickard at gmail.com> wrote:

> >Oh, if you do that, make text #000, then you could
> get away with .node
> > .submitted boing #666
> >Or would you disagree there too Ken?
> No, I agree.  Submitted is the perfect place for
> grey or light text.  It's
> 'extra' information that I don't need to read. 
> Making it a lighter color
> reiniforces that.
> Making it lighter actually gets it out of the way of
> the 'real content.'
> - Ken
> agentrickard

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