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Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Thu Aug 31 18:52:11 UTC 2006


I most probably will need to create a new module that needs to handle XML 

I have no experience with XML RPC, so I'd like to ask a few general questions 
about Drupal's implementation.

If I understand well, the files includes/xmlrpc(s).inc are a fork from the 

How come the Drupal XML RPC API doesn't use any of the PHP XML RPC functions 
defined here: http://php.net/xmlrpc ?
Is this a completely different implementation?
Is there a historical/technical reason behind this?

How does a XML RPC "session" happen?
During a page load, we can use php to query the DB, get a reply from the SQL 
server, process that reply and display the page according to the reply we 
Does the procedure happen remotely with XML RPC?
I.e., if I have a drupal XML RPC client module, that needs to contact a remote 
XML RPC server, do I get a chance to send the call, get the reply and process 
that reply all within one page load, as if it were a SQL query?
If not, how is the exchange of information handled. 

What modules exist that use XML RPC a lot, that I could study?

How would a simple code snippet look like? (make a call to server, get reply, 
and have a if / else fork according to the reply we got - or display / 
print_r() the content of the reply).

I saw a few handbook pages, and some issues about xml rpc, but I can't find 
any information for a total noob...



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