[development] old bug in issue email behavior finally fixed - might start getting emails for a change

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Thu Dec 7 23:38:38 UTC 2006

hi folks,

i finally fixed an old bug in how project issue emails are handled:


basically, if you ever used the "Issues e-mail address:" setting on  
your project node's edit tab (now on the "issues" subtab, of course),  
chances are you never got any emails because of it.  for no good  
reason, you had to have "Administer projects" permissions to be able  
to set the filters for what categories and states you wanted to see  
the emails for.  furthermore, the code didn't match the UI  
description.  the UI claimed "If none is checked all categories will  
be posted" yet the code only emailed anything if you defined filters  
and they matched the issue in question.


1) everyone sees these filter checkboxes
2) the code matches the UI -- if you select no filters, all issues  
are emailed.


it's entirely possible that many of you have used this setting, but  
never got any emails for new issues or followups.  perhaps you gave  
up on that and just subscribed to the issue queue(s) instead.  if so,  
you'll now get duplicate emails until you either disable the "Issues  
e-mail address:" setting or unsubscribe yourself using:


sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, but the bug has been  
bothering me for a long time, and i finally had a chance to fix  
it. ;)  furthermore, this "Issues e-mail address" setting has the  
benefit of actually *allowing* these filters, which the regular issue  
subscription interface does not, so you've got more functionality now  
than before.


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