[development] CVS contribtions/sandbox changes

Earnie Boyd mylists at progw.org
Sat Dec 16 15:26:28 UTC 2006

Quoting "Frando (Franz Heinzmann)" <frando at xcite-online.de>:

> > The bad stuff is people using it as a place to store modules and
> > themes, this has always been a bad idea as you loose out the option of
> > using issues tracker, versions, and they are rarely included in
> > searches for any new wide spread security vulnerabilities.
> Of course you should publish working code as a module or a theme. But 
> what about pre-alpha, not-yet-working code, experimental stuff, mere 
> ideas that you want to share?

The use of CVS branches comes to mind.  A cvs branch is created to 
place code for development of new features for already released 
modules.  You then merge the HEAD and release changes using cvs 
functionality to do so and then commit your changes as appropriate and 
then clean up the branch.


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