[development] (no subject)

Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Sat Dec 16 16:12:21 UTC 2006

snip from Kjartan's post...
"Originally the Sandbox was created as a place to put core patches  
that were pending review, as we did not have any issue tracker back  
then. Since then the project module has grown and can now cover most  
of the original purpose of the sandboxes"

snip from Gerhard's post...
"The rules haven't changed, they are only enforced."

is there some reason we need to shoot ourselves in the foot by  
blindly applying an existing policy?  let's look at a few things here:

1. The sandbox had an original purpose, and the sandbox resource was  
2. The original purpose is outdated
3. People have found other good uses for the resource

so the policy for the sandbox is outdated, right?  how about we take  
a little time to update the policy by discussing it here??  it's  
clear to me that in the intervening time, the community has used it's  
resourcefullness to find other good uses for the resource -- i think  
we should try to benefit from that.

i see no reason to limit the sandbox to only giant core patches.  the  
resource has obviously proven useful as a place to store pre-alpha  
contrib work -- there are already people who have spoken out on that.  
based on the statistics that Frando published, we're certainly not  
experiencing a resource problem.

i'm in favor of a rule more like Karoly suggested: "sandboxes are to  
be used for code that benefits the Drupal community".  can we give a  
shot at turning that into an updated policy??


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