[development] cvs update: new files are missing?

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Fri Dec 22 07:21:19 UTC 2006


I have a local copy of drupal HEAD created with cvs, so that by doing:
	cvs update
I can get up to date with the latest development.
However, when I do it, the whole themes/garland/ directory is missing from my 
local copy.
The garland theme is present when I download the tarball (development snapshot 
or RC1) but not by updating via cvs.

Am I missing a flag or something?

I have found a workaround by downloading a fresh copy of HEAD:
cvs -z6 -d:pserver:anonymous:anonymous at cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal co -d 
head.drupal drupal
so now, I have what I want. 

But I would like to understand why it didn't work by doing cvs update. The 
problem might come up again when some other files are added to HEAD.




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