[development] You know what would be really cool for d.o?

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed Dec 27 20:22:43 UTC 2006

On Dec 27, 2006, at 11:19 AM, Earnie Boyd wrote:

> I'm now subscribed to that issue which is more than a year old with  
> little action.

you're free to provide a patch.  meanwhile, i've been just a little  
bit busy[1].

>   The project doesn't have a 5.0 Version tag yet either but that is  
> a different issue.

a different issue indeed.  if you had been reading the front page of  
drupal.org you might have noticed:

"5.0 release candidate now running on scratch.drupal.org"

or, gee, maybe you were reading this very list, and saw my plea for  
people to review/test the 5.0 port:


where i specifically mention:

"Testing the 5.0 port of the release system on scratch.drupal.org"

i'm not going to create the DRUPAL-5 branch until the code is stable.
we don't know if the code isn't stable unless people test it.



p.s. hint for not pissing off hard-working (almost entirely  
volunteer) developers: do a little research before you start  
complaining about all the things we're supposedly not doing right.

p.p.s. another hint: before posting random wish-list items to the  
devel list, search the issue queues and make sure you're not just  
duplicating existing requests.  instead of making developers go  
around and find all the issues for you, you could do that legwork  
yourself, to save our time to actually make progress on things  
instead of fending off a constant stream of duplicate requests.

[1] oh, for example:

porting project* to 5.x

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