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Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Fri Dec 29 01:16:03 UTC 2006

A bit off-topic and not super critical, but this will also need to spur 
a discussion of a more manageable access control page if we have 
something like 5 perms for each content type. Is there an issue/any 
ideas on how to simplify the access control page? Or, is a super long 
matrix format still the best way to go?

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Zohar Stolar wrote:
> (might arrive twice... excuse me if it does)
> I was looking through Drupal.org to find if there is work towards 
> granulating the permissions table a bit more, by adding a way to limit 
> administer/access to nodes by type.
> The idea (which has certainly been raised before) is to add, next to:
> |
> "create TYPE content", |- adding new nodes of that content type
> |"edit own TYPE content",| - editing _the contents_ of own nodes of 
> that content type
> |"edit TYPE content", |- editing _the contents_ of all nodes of that 
> content type (whether or not the user has right to create nodes)
> two more possibilities:
> |
> "view TYPE content" |- roles that are allowed to view the content 
> type's nodes
> |"administer TYPE content" |- roles that are allowed to modify the 
> publishing options on all nodes of that content type
> I encounter more and more situations where I want to delegate the 
> publishing options permission to a specific role, but only to one 
> content type, otherwise I have to give the person control over the 
> whole site's content.
> Such a change should be done through core, so actually my questions are:
> Is there any work on this direction / open issue?
> Are there already any conclusions?
> Should I start writing a patch :-) ?
> Cheers,
> Zohar
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> Zohar Stolar   |   זהר סטולר
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