[development] 120 Projects pages awaiting moderation

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Feb 2 17:34:56 UTC 2006

Hi, as part of the effort to categorize projects I have reviewed the  
list of projects awaiting moderation.  I am not sure where to discuss  
this.  By my count it is almost 120 projects.  Some of the project  
pages go back to 2004.  There are around 60 site maintainers for  

Are there guidelines for approving Project pages, is there a certain  
quality that we are looking for?

I assume most of the 60 site moderators are on this list so

administer >> content

Filter status on content type is project and status is unmoderated.

Let me know what criteria we want for approving projects and I'll  
work to get this list of 120 projects approved or deleted so that we  
can categorize them.  If you have some time we are still looking for  
people to help with coming up with categories for modules here:  


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