[development] 120 Projects pages awaiting moderation

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Fri Feb 3 09:10:07 UTC 2006

Dries Buytaert wrote:

>> Could someone whip up some PHP for Drupal.org to show unpublished  
>> project pages?  Is that what we want?
> With such list people might feel inclined to moderate or publish such  
> projects.  They shouldn't.  It is fully automated.
> Projects that are not published are so with good reason; there is  
> nothing to download.
> I can provide a list of unpublished projects for the sole purpose of  
> contacting the authors.  We could then decide to delete some  
> projects.  Or, we could automatically delete projects that have not  
> been published for x weeks.

I've manually deleted projects once in a while when I saw that they 
weren't likely to get any content or they were by people not having cvs 
accounts. Even if these people would contribute code later, it wouldn't 
be undue to require them to recreate a project node.
That said, I'd simply delete all old project nodes.


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