[development] Re: Drupal.org upgrade

Tobias Maier tobias.maier at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 09:46:14 UTC 2006

>    2. Go to http://scratch.drupal.org/ and test, test, test.  Report
> problems using the issue tracker.
>       (Example 1: the user profile pages are broken due to a bug in
> CVS HEAD.  Just take a look.  Clearly a show-stopper.)
>       (Example 2: double-check whether the Drupal.org theme has been
> updated to comply with recent CSS changes.)
there are problems with the url-paths at the "Contributor links"
goto a page like http://scratch.drupal.org/project/
and then look at the contributor links
you can see that the path for example planet drupal has changed to 

access to planet drupal is denied

on /project:
you read under every item:
"BLABLABLA are not part of any official release and may not work correctly. 
Only use matching versions of BLABLABLA with Drupal. BLABLABLA released for 
Drupal 4.5 will not work for Drupal 4.6."
sounds ugly would be better if this very general sentence would be at the top 
of the site and under every item a description like:
Modules: Enhance Drupals functionality with Modules. For example a 
Newsletter-Module or a Project-management module
Themes: Change Drupals design with prebuilt themes
Translations: Drupal in your language.
Theme engines: Some Themes need another Theme engine which you can find here.

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