[development] OpenID

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at janrain.com
Fri Feb 10 21:01:12 UTC 2006

# I couldn't find Auth_OpenID_DatabaseConnection anywhere, which
# Drupal_OpenID_DBConnection attempts to extend

Well, I didn't expect anyone to actually try running the module; it's
just for viewing and has been developed against an unreleased version
of our PHP OpenID library. :) I guess what I am looking for (with
regard to the code specifically) is "that should work and is
acceptable", "don't do that, that's terribly awful", or "You'e almost
there, but here are some things to consider."  But I'll take a test
run, too, for sure. :)

# but I worked around this by requiring DB/mysql.php and extending
# DB_mysql instead. This at least let me get as far as getting the
# other server to ask if I trusted my test site. However, on returning
# to my test site, I didn't seem to be any more logged in than I was
# before. Could this be caused by the missing
# Auth_OpenID_DatabaseConnection?
# <snip>
# Help here would be appreciated.

Thanks for the detailed reply, and thanks for going to the trouble to
get it to work.  Your decision to extend DB_mysql was correct.  Check
to be sure that the openid_* tables are in your Drupal database.  Did
you get any kind of error when you return to your site from the OpenID
server?  (If you made it that far, things appear to be in working
order.)  When you return to your test site, do you get prompted to
enter an email address for the new account?  If so, does that succeed?

# I take it openid_login_form_submit() would be an appropriate place
# to add a check for banned servers? eg. Allowing the administrator to
# ban all OpenID users from spammers.com.

Yeah, that's right.


  Jonathan Daugherty
  JanRain, Inc.

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