[development] OpenID

Fen Labalme fen at civicactions.com
Mon Feb 13 03:26:31 UTC 2006

Anyone working on SSO (single sign-on) might want to take a look at the YADIS
(Yet Another Distributed Identity System) work that's happening at

YADIS is a blend of LID (the Lightweight Identity System by Johannes Ernst),
OpenID (by Brad Fitzpatrick et al at Live Journal) and XRI (eXtensible
Resource Identifiers being developed by an OASIS standards committee.  Sxip
and mIDm are represented, too.  By blending the best each of these initiatives
has to offer, I believe authentication systems that are YADIS-aware have a
positive chance of survival as the identity world continues to shake out.

Note that the OpenID-enabled wiki has a section on YADIS, too:


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