[development] OpenID

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at janrain.com
Mon Feb 13 18:09:46 UTC 2006

> Looks quite modern and Drupalish. Nice.


> > However, you'll be prompted for an email address upon successful
> > OpenID authentication *before* the Drupal account is created.
> you might make this extra step optional. i think it is a hassle to provide
> an email address for a random site. current drupal auth creates accounts
> without an email address. drupal does not require email address if the
> account is created via code (the web ui requires email address)

Ah, alright.  The only reason I did this was because if you create an
account without an email address, you'll still be required to enter one
on the account edit page to satisfy the form constraints.  I assumed,
therefore, that it's a required account property.

> >  - My major concern is how to blend OpenID with existing accounts so
> >    users can choose to use OpenID for their accounts.
> I think we're going to have to require that the user be logged into his
> current drupal account in order to do this. If so ...

Yeah, I was thinking that this could be implemented as a profile field
that users can enter that says, "Let me also log into this account with the
following OpenID."  This sounds like what you're proposing.  Please let me
know if I'm way off base. :)

> How much is involved in implementing the server side ofopenID? Can it be a
> Drupal module? One feature I like about current Drupal is that every site is
> instantly a client and a server for DA.

Server support will be pretty easy to add, and I'm pretty sure it can be
added as a module.

Thanks for your feedback!

  Jonathan Daugherty
  JanRain, Inc.

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