[development] Upgrade system

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Wed Feb 15 04:42:21 UTC 2006

Gordon Heydon wrote:
> At this stage I have just moved all this into the store.install, but
> should I instead use an individual install file for each module. So
> there would be a product.install, cart.install, payment.install, etc or
> leave the core modules in the store.install?

One per module usually. Ecommerce might be a bit of an exception, but I 
don't think so.

> It is a pity that there hook_install() doesn't have a method for
> stopping the install of the module because something failed or there is
> a dependency missing.

Simple patches get in. All that fancy stuff can be added now if anyone 
wants to write it.

Probably the most needed thing is a pre-check on install and update for 
create, alter, etc permissions. Everyone keeps saying to try creating a 
temporary table and see if there is an error. PHP's "error handling" 
scares me.

Neil Drumm

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