[development] Re: Update pathauto to Drupal 4.7

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu Feb 16 17:44:59 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 16 februari 2006 17:11, schreef Jeff Eaton:
> I use it on my blog, but to be honest I think the current path system
> makes pathauto unusable for core inclusion.
> A more robust algorithmic url-aliasing mechnism, like the one that chx
> and company brainstormed a few months ago, has a lot more potential IMO.
> On large sites, auto-generating aliases creates unmanagably huge path
> tables, colliding urls with ugly _0, _1, _2 suffixes all over the place,
> and so on. That's not a failing of pathauto, just a testament to how
> much it DOES do in an alias scheme that's not well suited for some of
> the things it's often used for.

I second this. Its usefull for sites under the 2-3000 nodes (blogs etc) but 
for anything bigger it is not usefull. And combined with freetagging, the 
data it needs it grows into a monster. I tested it on a big site (10.000 
nodes/900 users/2000 tags) and the alias table contained around 100.000 
lines! For drupal .org that would translate into something like > million 
aliases :). Loaded into cache on each page load?

A -1 for inclusion in core as it is. We need the 
in core, but certainly not in this particular imlpementation. 

We talked about tokenised menu system. Making that system work two ways 
(path->callbacks AND url()->paths) is the route to take IMO. Storing 20.000 
blogs/My_user_name/feed is not a good idea. Storing one blogs/%username/feed 
that is parsed/cached for earh url() or so is a better idea. And no, I am not 
volunteering for this, but that fact should not rule me out of the -1ers for 
this one in core. :) 

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