[development] View to list only nodes _without_ completed workflow state

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Feb 18 02:22:47 UTC 2006

Simon Lindsay wrote:
> I have a new node type, which has 4 possible workflow states. So the 
> nodes can be "(created)", "submitted", "approved", and the last one is 
> "completed".
> With the excellent views module, I can list the nodes by state for each 
> individual state, but I'd also like to be able to list nodes for all 
> states except those in "completed" state.
> This seems simple enough, and it almost works except....
> I created a view with a filter on "workflow: state" "is one of", and 
> select "approved", "submitted", "(created)", but not "completed", and 
> then add another filter on Node: distinct
> This almost gives me what I want, except because of the the way workflow 
> works, a node actually has entries for all states, so the "completed" 
> items still show up with their earlier entry.
> Same problem if you do "workflow: state" "is none of" and select 
> "completed".
> I can create a view the exact opposite of what I want, with the 
> "completed" status, but not "all except completed" to do a queue of 
> outstanding requests.
> Is there a way to do this i'm missing?

Umm. Sounds like a bug. I will have to look into it; perhaps I misunderstood the 
table when I wrote the workflow integration.

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