[development] View to list only nodes _without_ completed workflow state

Simon Lindsay simon at dirtbike.ws
Sat Feb 18 02:19:33 UTC 2006

I have a new node type, which has 4 possible workflow states. So the 
nodes can be "(created)", "submitted", "approved", and the last one is 

With the excellent views module, I can list the nodes by state for each 
individual state, but I'd also like to be able to list nodes for all 
states except those in "completed" state.

This seems simple enough, and it almost works except....

I created a view with a filter on "workflow: state" "is one of", and 
select "approved", "submitted", "(created)", but not "completed", and 
then add another filter on Node: distinct

This almost gives me what I want, except because of the the way workflow 
works, a node actually has entries for all states, so the "completed" 
items still show up with their earlier entry.

Same problem if you do "workflow: state" "is none of" and select 

I can create a view the exact opposite of what I want, with the 
"completed" status, but not "all except completed" to do a queue of 
outstanding requests.

Is there a way to do this i'm missing?



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