[development] Forms.module for 4.7

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sun Feb 19 18:16:54 UTC 2006

Boris Mann wrote:
> See this? http://www.jotform.com/index
> My personal idea (i.e. handwaving) for forms.module for 4.7 is that  it 
> would provide support functions to be able to build forms on the  fly. 
> Both Survey.module and perhaps CCK (e.g. for custom built node/ add 
> forms) would use forms.module for this functionality.
> Thoughts on this? Anyone feel like pooling resources/funds to get  this 
> built?

Here is my first pass at a high-level list of requirements.

1) Use drag & drop to place items on the form. Duh, but it's a top level 
2) Use formsapi properties -- we have a relatively complete list of the items 
and properties that are available by default. These could be implemented verbatim.
3) Use AJAX to send to send modified form items to Drupal for rendering.
4) When finished, send completed $form array either to Drupal or printed cleanly 
for the user. Thus the tool could be used by module developers to easily design 
their own forms, OR the tool could be used by live Drupal sites to create user 
modified forms. In this case, an additional requirement of permissions on some 
formsapi attributes may be required, or at least a very good security run must 
be done.
5) Some macros to fill select boxes/checkboxes would be a nice addition. i.e, 
roles, users, nodes that match <x>, etc. This could easily be insecure in the 
user-built forms but would be very helpful for developers.

I'm all excited about this. Pity I haven't any free time to do this!

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