[development] Looking for a mentor to help me with forms, OG and CiviCRM

Leo Burd leob at media.mit.edu
Mon Feb 20 12:40:23 UTC 2006

Hello there,
I'm looking for a mentor to help me out in a couple of things. What's the 
best way for me to find one?

I'm implementing an audioblog module that allows users to publish _and 
retrieve_ audio entries from their telephones. Users can retrieve entries 
according to categories, author or publishing date.

The good thing is that the module is already doing all of the above. I'm 
having problems moving to the next steps, though. Ideally, I'd like to:

* Convert my module to Drupal. 4.7. What's the best way to create forms and 
menus? I need help to understand how to do that.

* Integrate audioblog with Organic Groups (og) and CiviCRM. I'd love to 
allow users to create audioblog groups, manage membership, and determine the 
audience of their messages directly from their phones. In order to do that, 
it would be great if someone helped me understand the structure of og and 

* Improve the way I program for Drupal. I learned the little that I know by 
myself. I'm pretty sure that I could do much better if I interacted with 
someone more experienced and had opportunity to discuss questions about 
tools, good practices, etc.

That's it. Any help would be more than welcome!



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