[development] "I'm disappointed by the freeze"

Ber Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Feb 20 19:14:25 UTC 2006

On Mon, February 20, 2006 12:37, Karoly Negyesi wrote:
>> political message
> Aside from Ber, I can barely remember anyone mentioning politics in regard
> Drupal. There will be an election in April here and I am seriously sick
>  from even _hearing_ this word.

Okay, i will gladly call it something different. "Make noise around an
issue"?  "spread the word to get it reviewed"?

I am *not* talking about bugs. IMO the system works great for that. We get
a lot of them fixed. I am talking about "nice", more complex features.
Anyone who disagrees with me that it is hardly impossible without
killes-patience, or a cross-community frenzy like FAPI-team-ups to get
anything bigger then a five liner in, please speak up.

> So please stop and roll patches :)

Wat? even more patches to sit on my todolist?

Some keywords: "codemonkeyXs/better archive system", "simple inline
images", "online status by CSS classes", "let _links return structured
data, the one-but oldest issue", "renice the upload modules code".

Those are a few patches, from the top of my mind, that are around for a
looong while. Got loads of reviews, loads of people saying things about
them, and lots of "noise", "word-spreading" had been done. All have
different issues why they are still around. All seem to have rather nice
code, or had(have) very good code even.
So? what made ALL the open feature patches still be around? And what made
others slip in after one or two reviews? What made some features get in
and break stuff, while others went trough tens of rehauls and are still
"not perfect", or even more often, are orphaned because the maintainer
gave up? Is that coïncidence? I think not. You can call it "teamwork",
"hanging around on IRC", or "mailing reviewers personally" or anything
else. I call that politics.

And last, but absolutely certainly not least: I am *NOT* trying to say
Dries is doing a bad job, not at all! I made sure to speak about "WE"! We,
including me: I am to blame too, others might feel the same. I am not
pretending that I know all the stuff better (I see a few particular
problems, that I try to fix), and I am NOT telling Dries should do his job
better. Please, no! I am (trying to, at least) saying that we, all of us
who really want 4.7 to stabilise, should try to hold back our features,
and put more efforts in "real" 4.7 stuff. And that those that want 4.7 to
go out of the door, should try to hold back those that seem to care less
about that and try to put some pressure on small features before 4.7, and
thus delaying that release.


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