[development] Stuff

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Tue Feb 21 00:15:44 UTC 2006

Dries, Karoly, and all.

Can I suggest something?

The list of bugs that are release critical, can we have a few core people
(e.g. Dries, Steven and Karoly) go thru them and prioritize according to
severity and complexity.

For example, we can say severity (can't release without, can let it slip),
and complexity (too much work, moderate, not reproducible, ...etc.)

We then publish a list here to developers, and everyone takes one or
two to try to fix.

This may be too obvious, and redundant with the issues on Drupal, but
having a team sift through what can wait and what must be fixed has
merits, as well as give them visibility and ask people to address them.

Worth a shot?

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