[development] 4.8/5.0: Modules, the install system, and directories

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Feb 22 19:41:51 UTC 2006

> If by help you mean description, that can safely be in the file.
> I never said we should put the help hook in a meta info file.
> Once again. i'm late to the conversation =)

Well, in my head, having the possibility to move help into the meta 
files is required. Otherwise, we *will* have file spewage in the future 
("shit, we used ini and we can't move help into there? Um. So, let's 
make a .help file! whee!"). I'm against file spewage: I'd really only 
like to see .install, .inc, .module, and .meta (or some such).

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