[development] 4.8/5.0: Modules, the install system, and directories

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Wed Feb 22 19:50:44 UTC 2006

On 22 Feb 2006, at 9:41 PM, Morbus Iff wrote:

>> If by help you mean description, that can safely be in the file.
>> I never said we should put the help hook in a meta info file.
>> Once again. i'm late to the conversation =)
> Well, in my head, having the possibility to move help into the meta  
> files is required. Otherwise, we *will* have file spewage in the  
> future ("shit, we used ini and we can't move help into there? Um.  
> So, let's make a .help file! whee!"). I'm against file spewage: I'd  
> really only like to see .install, .inc, .module, and .meta (or some  
> such).

Considering how the help hook currently works, can you think of a way  
not to have all help hooks loaded all the time to be able to run the  
help system.

meta files, install files and .inc files can be loaded when  
necessary, help always needs to be there.

it's the same problem we have with hook_menu.

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