[development] What would be more useful for install/etc

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Feb 22 20:56:50 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 22 februari 2006 18:49, schreef Neil Drumm:
> -Error avoidance. Module install and updates will happily go ahead and
> try to do things which are access denied and then think they are done.
> We need to check for access before doing these. One for each
> combinataion of alter/create and mysql/postgres to get started.

- Duplication avoidance: we have no way to avoid folks from rerunning the 
upgrade if the previous one failed, other thens some words to "not run the 
upgrade twice"

- split of JoeSchmoe stuff and real stuff (sorry :). Upgrading joeschmoe.com 
is easy. It was done rather well, even in PHPnuke.
Upgrading Bryght or web-log.nl[1] is a biatch, if not plain impossble w/o a 
lot of custom code.

I beleive, that unless we provide the proper API stuff (like upgrade) to the 
People That Matter, Drupal will continue being "a nice alternative" but 
nothing more. 

Bèr -back trying to find ways to upgrade all his multisite sites- Kessels

[1] http://willy.boerland.com/myblog/ilse_media_didnt_choose_drupal
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