[development] multisite shared table upgrade enhancements (was what would be more useful)

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Fri Feb 24 19:18:46 UTC 2006

> * Are the core developers interested in having multi-site support in the 
> update process?  (I mean, why work on something just to have it go 
> nowhere, right?)

yes . multi-site is very much a supported feature. so is the update 
system. their combination needs to be supproted as well.

> * What do you think is a better/more workable/more Drupal-like approach:
> a) put an option in the process that the user can select (in 
> update_selection_page(), I guess) that tells the system to update all 
> tables in the database, not just those for the present site.
> b) an option for the user to say whether to update the shared tables or 
> not.  This way, the user will update each site in each site's interface,
> but the user will only select the shared table run one time.
> c) other ideas?

the only solution that is even somewhat workable in my small brain is to 
warn the user and then upgrade all the sites at once. i think thats the 
deal with multi-site. you need to do separate sites if you want them to 
be on different versions. if you can think of more flexible solutions, 
thats great.

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