[development] Re: [consulting] A defense for new users

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Feb 25 00:48:28 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 25 februari 2006 00:40, schreef Bill Fitzgerald:
> RE the tension between developers/consultants/end users, it definitely
> exists, but I see these categories as pretty fluid. Whether people want
> to admit it or not, we stand to gain more from working together. While
> it won't be possible to include all perspectives in an eventual
> solution, excluding viewpoints from the outset is not a good way to start.

Oh I am sure thee are:
* Lots of places where improvements are so trivial that I am rather concerned 
we only talked about stuff and not made that 15 line patch 
(admin/XXX/settings vs own admin pages).
* Some places where we need a bit of thought and then get a Good Default 
merged in (inline files, user-permissions etc)
* a few places where, with small effort we can gain a lot of improvement.

But I am sure there are a lot of places too where:
* A good default will make loads of developers (users) feel like they are 
"enforced" some thing they never liked. IMO we should respect the feelding of 
the devels, over those of the "users" (user == the one using drupal, yet not 
contributing anything else then weight-of-usage)  
* changes in the interface always end in a big BANG of debates; and are thus 
unchanged, eventhough we all know it sucks. Yet we all envision completely 
different solutions.

It has been mentioned *cough* before. But empowering distros in this, is the 
route to take. And that is luckily not IMO but IGO. 
I think therefore, that a solution lies in:
 * fixing those areas that are very obvious. 
 * not starting those endeless debates on "who drupal is for in the first 
place" (sorry, I am guilty here too). but instead recognise that Those Who Do 
It are the same as Those Who Need It (scrathcing and itching). 

Sorry, I know I am officially banned from saying it, but I have no time now to 
spend on:
 * ?q=admin/comment/configure
 * ?q=admin/themes/settings
and more. But I am sure there are more of those places where ni debate and 
hardly any effort is needed to et real improvements going.

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