[development] enterprise needs

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Sat Feb 25 07:11:39 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 21:16 -0800, Benson Wong wrote:

> I think that is a good sum up of where my wishes and those of the
> community differ. I'm looking for something that I can feel safe about
> using to build my company's corporate site off of. I didn't realize
> that Drupal is so much more technology focused than support focused.
> So, I apologize for all the drama. I'll stop now.

I think you have good feed back. I think we're all just a little
defensive today :)... it happens... 

regardless... Drupal's focus on head/beta versions is very technical.. 
No company will offer you support, or for the most part even access to
their beta code. 

The support for 4.6 is much better, and the code base is much more

> >
> > IIRC, I approved your account.
> >
> Yep, and thanks. You told me to wait until after the drupal.org
> upgrades so I can change my CVS password... still waiting.
> >
> > Sorry to say so, but no aim is achieved without effort. If you don't
> > feel like doing grunt work once in a while, the processes that need a
> > review are yours not ours.
> >
> I have to agree with this. On that note, isn't there a way to automate
> the grunt work a bit?
> This is what I wound up doing while building off of the 4.7 release
> since the database definitions changed with pretty much every cvs
> update...

This will happen if you work with the beta version of just about any
piece of software. I think there has been a lot of strain for people
trying to go into production on the shoulders of 4.7/HEAD pre-release
and beta..  

Drupal, the released versions, are really not all that unstable or
difficult to upgrade. The module updates even the formAPI changes are
pretty well documented and should be quick to follow for most drupal
module developers... 

Hacking core... well you've got moving target issues. 

> Thanks. Ben

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