[development] enterprise needs

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Mon Feb 27 06:18:46 UTC 2006

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 17:05:45 -0800  "Benson Wong" wrote:

> I dream of Drupal switching from cvs to svn.

i don't understand all the fascination with which revision control
system to use.  they all do roughly the same thing.  most of our
problems don't stem from what tool we're using to manage the
revisions, it's the social policy/procedure for what (bug/feature),
where (branch) and who makes the changes.  that policy for the core is
pretty clear, consistent, and good (from my limited contact).  but, i
don't see changing tools as a means to get closer to having a policy
like that for the contrib modules.

sure, svn gets some things better than cvs, and i'm sure baazar-ng is
nice, too, but there's nothing fundamental about any of them that can
solve the kinds of issues i'm talking about.  most of the reasons i've
heard for switching to svn or baazar-ng are things that can be done
(albeit with a little effort) in cvs.  maybe it's just that i've used
cvs for *so long* and know nearly every trick there is.

> Better access methods (https)

for developers with drupal.org source access, we could do cvs over ssh
if we really cared.

>, finer grain access control,

in cvs you can control as fine as you want, all the way down to: "this
1 user can only modify 1 file on 1 branch".

> access control lists

not exactly sure what you mean by this, but i'm pretty sure whatever
you have in mind is something you can already do in cvs (if you know
every possible knob you can turn).  it's also totally unrelated to
a policy/vision for managing versions and changes within contrib.

> It's very little work for a contributor to checkout the 4.6.5
> version of their module, fix some bugs, and commit the changes just
> for that version of drupal. Much easier with SVN than CVS (I think).

no, this much cvs and svn can do with equal ease.

> Another plus is that people who depend on their code can just export
> the correct tag.

cvs can do this, too.

> ie: svn co https://svn.drupal.org/respositories/contributions/my_module/tags/

cvs co -d... -r 4_6_5 contributions/my_module 


p.s. does anyone actually care if i don't capitalize my emails to this
list?  this is one of the signs of a "good post" in the faq about
development at drupal.org.  when i had a period of bad wrist problems and
ergonomic woes, one of the suggestions was to give up the shift key,
since it puts extra strain on your fingers.  i've been out of the
habit ever since.

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