[development] How to Log in a user

stuff at trackingsolutions.ca stuff at trackingsolutions.ca
Mon Feb 27 10:35:02 UTC 2006

I understand this methodology  however I am finding that drupal sometimes had 
critical flaws in it's implementation that stop you from moving forward. 

example: drupal_get_destination() is rewritten in 4.7 to handle the get 
variables properly. I upgraded my functions 4.6 code to the 4.7 code and now 
it works.

Am I supose to just ignore the short commings or code arround them? I love how 
much time drupal has saved me but there has been some real stoppers. I have 
been stuck on very simple problems that have turned out to be drupal bugs. I 
guess I am not the type to stop on something when I do not have what I want.

When I need to upgrade I will way the cost and run diff! :)

On that note I have tracked the function down to the user.module and the 
user_login function. Am I correct?


P.S. Porting Drupal to JSP/Servlet would be so powerful. It would allow for 
total seperation of layers and become much more maintainable. Just a dream of 
mine :)

On February 27, 2006 03:15 am, Karthik wrote:
> On 27/02/06, stuff at trackingsolutions.ca <stuff at trackingsolutions.ca> wrote:
> > Is this the right list to ask about hacking a module?
> One of Drupal's aphorisms is that you _never_ hack core on a
> production site :) I suggest you backtrack and take this from the top
> or suffer aeons of pain come upgrade time.
> My 10p,
> -K

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