[development] Drupal and i18n, the holy grail?

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Mon Feb 27 14:37:21 UTC 2006

And I've post this one on drupal.org

Khalid B wrote:

>I think an approach worth considering is having hooks in core for
>multilingual content (e.g. a lang column in nodes, menus, blocks,
>...etc.), and let contribs handle those hooks in  multiple ways.
>I met Eric Gunderson of Development Seed at DrupalCON and  talked
>about that a bit.
>Jose Reyero, the author  of the i18n module has a plan on keeping
>up with 4.7.
Yes, see the post above

>It is described here
>There is also the tr module
>It is worthwhile that Ber coordinates with Jose and/or Eric, et al
>for a  unified solution.
Yes. As I see it this is the whole point of all this discussions,
forums, reports, etc...
I hope we can agree on some approach before start rolling out patches, I
wouldn't like to spend a month coding then get into the discussions
about the  the functionality...

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