[development] MySQL 5.0.12+ bugs (was Re: enterprise needs)

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Tue Feb 28 08:39:13 UTC 2006

On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 23:30:57 -0500  Walt Daniels wrote:

> I think there are bugs which deserve a similar high priority, e.g.
> the MySQL 5.12+ bug.

there's no 1 bug.  this bug is spread out over numerous contrib
modules.  the best summary and solution (that i've seen) is described


starbow (the author of that post) and i have submitted patches to the
event, image, taxonomy, and project modules.  so far, the one for
event was applied, but none of the others have been committed (yet).
there are probably other modules where this is a problem
(e.g. http://drupal.org/node/51696), but we've only found/fixed this
bug for the modules we're actively using.

the solution is usually very easy: you just have to re-order the
tables in a SELECT query so that if you're JOIN'ing w/ the {node}
table, that it comes first.  otherwise, db_rewrite_sql() will break
SQL standards compliance if you enable any of the node access modules
(node_privacy_byrole, simple_access, taxonomy_access, etc), since they
add an "INNER JOIN {node_access} ON na.nid = n.nid" before the "{node}
n" in the query.

it's really just up to each module maintainer to apply these patches
that already exist, or, in cases where there's no patch yet, a
relatively trivial change to the code can get their module to work
with MySQL 5.0.12+.  i'd be happy to help folks test patches to
various modules if needed.


p.s. for the interested reader, here are links to the not-yet-applied

image -- http://drupal.org/node/49433
project -- http://drupal.org/node/50572
taxonomy -- http://drupal.org/node/49430

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