[development] RCS $Id tag in database source files

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Tue Feb 28 23:35:17 UTC 2006

The Drupal coding standards (http://drupal.org/node/318) doesn't
explicitly list this point.  In addition to .php files using:

// $Id$

it seems like .mysql and .pgsql files should also include something
like this:

-- $Id$

Knowing the exact revision of a .mysql file seems just as handy as
knowing it for source (.php, .module or .inc) files.

Upon further inspection, I see that this has now been done in
core/database/database.* in HEAD.  Nice work, Markus and Dries,

a) I'd like to encourage all module developers on this list to add
this comment to any .mysql and .pgsql files in their own module(s).

b) We should update the coding standards page about this.  I'd just
add a comment to the page, but it seems better to have it in the body
of the node, instead.  What's the best way for me to help make that
happen?  I submitted an issue to the Documentation project's
"Developer Guide" component... is that the desired behavior?


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