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Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 21:54:24 UTC 2006

darrel said:

>You can't guarantee that community process will conform to your
businesses needs, or that if they do conform for a period, that they
will stay that way.

True. True.  That's why I orignally said:

"After spending the week in Vancouver, I made the following report to our
management team.  If we are to go forward using Drupal, we need a dedicated
support-and-development team of 3 people. (And my eyeball prediictions of
such things are ususally pretty accurate.)  The team lead will have, as one
of his/her main responsibilities, the  task of being  our public face
within the Drupal community.

"This includes going to events, encouraging contributions of code, and
helping with documentation.  This is crucial, because without being a valued
member of the community, all you'll ever really have is your own Drupal fork
to support.

"If your organization goes forward with the idea of contributing patches to
core, helping document Drupal, and so forth, then you will have a voice in
future Drupal development."

But then the thread got hijacked by my "scalability" issues...

And thanks to everyone for some great material which I have diligently
copied and forwarded to out sysadmins and dba.

- Ken
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