[development] kudos to Steven, and how to get rid of the resizing JS.

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Jan 2 21:24:32 UTC 2006

Hello there. 

I do not mean this mail as a rant. So if it sounds like that, just reread this 
first sentence :)

Steven has made really cool ajaxy stuff, and javascript features for Drupal. 
His last addition for Drupal was a cool form-field resizer. 

but ehh. I *personally* don't want it. My client got (a little) angry because 
it broke his (development) site; its due to a theme/CSS issue, but still. I 
have to bill him for a fixing a feature he never asked for.
Also, I certainly don't want it on none-admin areas like the feedback form. 
That is again, a personal decision. But I think end-users (those filling in 
their address in a feeback for, for example) should not get all that JS 
shazam, but a properly pre-sized textfield. 

I have, personally filed the term AJAX next to Flash and DHTML. Under usefull, 
but too often misused and overhyped. Too often it is used just because 
"everyone does it". Used for the sake of using it. Not that I am saying 
Drupal is going that way, but we must certainly be aware of it. And certainly 
start sticking dubious JS stuff in contrib (or even core) modules. 

Anyway. the form resizer broke on my theme. It broke my quicktags and it broke 
one version+theme of tinyMCE. All of wich I think are not bugs in core but in 
my theme, module and that version of mce with the specific theme. I was told 
before to make a patch to switch off the JS globally. But IMO that is not the 
correct route. Switching on and off development stuff on a user interface is 
not a good option, IMO.

So, anyone here who knows how I can not have js in Drupal? Do I really need to 
develop a no_js.module that uses alter hooks for the forms? Or does anyone 
know a better route?

Sorry to start about RoR again. But RoR is amoungst the forefighters of AJAX. 
It offers a lot of ajax apis in "core". Yet it is up to the developer to 
implement it or not. I think that this might be a route worth looking at: 
provide modules, and apis to use in themes and modules for AJAX stuff. 
Instead of deploying it by default. Though that is for a future, not for 
now. :)

Now I just want to know if there's an easy way of switching off AJAX and JS 
stuff so that i can fix up themes and modules that break. then slowly deploy 
it where i like to deploy it ;)


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