[development] kudos to Steven, and how to get rid of the resizing JS.

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Jan 2 21:57:30 UTC 2006

> Steven has made really cool ajaxy stuff, and javascript features for Drupal. 
> His last addition for Drupal was a cool form-field resizer. 
> but ehh. I *personally* don't want it. My client got (a little) angry because 
> it broke his (development) site; its due to a theme/CSS issue, but still. I 
> have to bill him for a fixing a feature he never asked for.
> Also, I certainly don't want it on none-admin areas like the feedback form. 
> That is again, a personal decision. But I think end-users (those filling in 
> their address in a feeback for, for example) should not get all that JS 
> shazam, but a properly pre-sized textfield. 
> I have, personally filed the term AJAX next to Flash and DHTML. Under usefull, 
> but too often misused and overhyped. Too often it is used just because 
> "everyone does it". Used for the sake of using it. Not that I am saying 
> Drupal is going that way, but we must certainly be aware of it. And certainly 
> start sticking dubious JS stuff in contrib (or even core) modules. 

Well, textarea resizing is not AJAX, and the form element collapsing is
also not AJAX.

> Now I just want to know if there's an easy way of switching off AJAX and JS 
> stuff so that i can fix up themes and modules that break. then slowly deploy 
> it where i like to deploy it ;)

You can override how textareas are displayed in your theme and can turn
off this JS thing there too.


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