[development] Bridging PHP to Java or C++?

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Tue Jan 3 09:59:39 UTC 2006

> For my Machine Learning toolkit, I'm looking to draw on the work of either
> the Java Weka ML system or the MLC++ library.
If you know Weka, then the best thing (IMO) is to use web services, rather than doing some php to java native integration. 
It is less esoteric.

check out triana http://www.trianacode.org (it uses weka inside, I
and maybe http://grid.deis.unical.it/weka4ws/ 

Another option would be to do a simple restful wrapping of weka code via

If you are into python, orange ( http://www.ailab.si/orange ) is a very
good thing. That + twisted can be a killer web datamining services

> My question to the Drupal community is: which is easier to bridge (Java or
> C++) to PHP (and specifically to Drupal)?
C++, as pecl extensions.

> My vote is for Java, as I can distribute the (GPL'd) bytecode more easily
> than pre-compiled C++ binaries.
You can always submit them to php.net

> Let's take performance off the table for this discussion. My design calls
> for the ML algorithms to be pluggable via an API to the interaction code, so
> high perf classifiers could be written later if my selected method proves
> slow.

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