[development] CVS accounts

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 10:06:17 UTC 2006


- I've made a couple of changes to the way CVS accounts are approved. 
As of now, the CVS password file is automatically updated on the
server.  This should simplify (and fasten) the process of approving
CVS applications.  Consequently, we could easily grow the team of
people who can administer CVS accounts.

- Next step is pruning some stale CVS accounts.  I plan to block CVS
accounts that have not been used (to commit files) in the past 12
months.  Does that sound like a reasonable time frame?

- Resetting CVS passwords is still a problem. Fortunately, Gerhard
(killes) is extending the cvs.module so that it can be done using a
simple form at drupal.org.  This should reduce the administration
overhead significantly.

- We still have to do a fresh import of the CVS repository to fix some
database inconsistencies that crept in the past year or two. :/ 
Chances are that the cvs.module's import code suffers from some bit
rot so if someone wants to prepare or test the cvs.module's import
code, that would be much appreciated.


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